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    These are the teachings of my friend Jhe’shua (Yhe’shua.. the J is pronounced “Y” in Pleiadian ) or (Jesus as you know him). Eternal life… Yes this is the true teachings of ascension. Ascend without judgement with your body, mind and soul! He died so you don’t need to re-live your karma into the new world.

    It’s not about “belief!” it’s everything about how we treat others.

    We are soon going back home to the Pleiades and in a few short weeks our ships will be seen, but like a flash we will be gone. We can’t chance being shot down again. Many of you will come with us. We will be back for the next round!

    Very soon, the end will come for the Cabal and its control over this planet.



    Who am I? Where do I get my information?

    I am Commander A’ndassi. The High Ambassador of the Galactic Council Aka: The Federation of Worlds or The Alliance. We came from a planet in the Pleiades cluster called New Lyra from the star system Atlas. I don’t “channel” any beings but I do communicate telepathically. My information from Jhe’shua is face to face, video chat, dreams, visions and phone. Yes.. Jesus (The real Jesus) IS HERE IN 3D!! He wants you all to heal yourselves and to ascend yourselves! If you don’t come with us in December 2018 to the Pleiades, then you have 2 choices to arrive into the new world. 1) follow the meditation on this website. Meditate on a real star at your center near your heart chakra raising your vibration higher than the Schumann frequency healing your mitochondria and all of your cells which will cause you to ascend into the 4th dimension. (Drop your anchors.. hate, greed, jealousy etc.. They keep you in low vibration).

    2) Reincarnate (Be born again) into the new earth after we remove the Cabal, clean up the plastic and radiation and Terra-form this planet. The earth will be cleansed and will become a federation planet. 144,000 people will come back from the Pleiades to be the new parents and teachers of the souls that come back. The new earth will be 4D and will be Terra Heaven and its Capital will be called Avalon!

    We came here in the 60’s to observe and find out how close this world’s Cabal is to a RESET. We were shot down and took on a new body.. except for Jhe’shua (He is still in his same body) Every time the population wakes up enough, the Cabal wipes out humanity and resets them with an even greater control than the last.

    This website will remain for those who decided to stay behind. If you don’t come with us this December, then you can and will escape this by ascending with your physical body and soul. Ascension is on this website under “Meditations”.

    Don’t be afraid. Jhe’shua died for all of you that you may live. He raised himself up and approached his friends before heading to the Pleiades. People don’t believe he is from another planet. Soon you will see the truth and the truth will set you free! You deserve to be rescued and if you remain, you will be born into the new world. This originally was supposed to be the end of all humanity because of the total corruption.. but Jhe’shua died so we all may live. He realized that not all who are corrupt really know what they do. Those who don’t know what they do are forgiven, but those who do know… our bankers and rulers.. watch out. Their hearts have already been judged!









    – Commander A’ndassi  Aka: Kah-Len


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