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My first book will be available on Amazon soon! 

The more I write this book of mine, the more I am learning about myself… It goes deep into my world and the world within this world. Inside, outside and everything in between!

It’s tough having to write such intimate details about my life’s struggles as I am having to re-live the events that I would sooner have buried in a very deep hole to never see the light of day, but now soon the world will literally see me as an open book. My life has been so bizarre that it would not be right not to share.

I healed myself from 15 years of severe paranoid schizophrenia through meditation and without medication! In doing so, I learned a great deal about the soul and the human condition.  I teach others how they too can heal themselves from their own mental trauma and get back their sanity, dignity and self esteem.

Through my meditations, I have learned that we all are a part of something much more larger than we could ever imagine. That we truly can fly and stretch our wings much further than this place we call home.

My book will be released sometime in December 2020. If you Pre-Order $40. you will receive a signed copy as soon as it is published! Your orders now will help me a great deal in getting this completed as I have left my day job to complete this.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

Paul / Kah-Len