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    The very thing that created all things in the universe are these 2 very things. Pure consciousness is made from. 1)  vibration and 2)  frequency.

    The consciousness of God is Vibration and Frequency. When he raised both vibration and frequency together it creates light (Photons) higher yet it created quarks and then all matter was created from the highest vibration which is a star. The lowest vibration is a black hole lower vibrations create a dark light or negative photons then darker yet negative quarks and then anti-matter and then your black hole where anti-matter is found. All stars have a negative core (black hole) and a positive chromosome. All things are created from Vibration and frequency. Your very soul is hu = “the vibration of light” and Man = “the mind” You are a star with consciousness. Focusing on a real star at your heart center will raise your vibration and feed the mitochondria of your cells and heal you. The star at your center is what gives you life.

    The electromagnetic energy pumping your heart is your soul. Your soul is 100% God consciousness! The law of one!

    This is your free metaphysics lesson for today. . Bless you all!