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    These are the teachings of Jhe’shua (Jesus) on how to ascend without judgement with your body, mind and soul!

    Many of you will be left behind to help humanity. I myself will not be here after December 2018. I will be back on the Pleiades with Jhe’shua and preparing for our return with a new mission and many more fleets. The time is coming for an end to the Cabal and its control on this planet. First we will go home and rescuing as many people as we can within a few short weeks from now, but most people will refuse our help. This website will be for those left behind.

    Why didn’t we rescue you? Because you were either afraid of us or you didn’t trust us or don’t believe in life on other planets. Jhe’shua was born here but has lived off world on New Lyra for the past 1400 years or more. He died and went to hell for 3 days and left taking the keys of hell with him. Went back to his corpse and healed it through his astral being. He got up and appeared to his friends before heading to the Pleiades. People don’t believe he is from another planet. Soon you will see the truth and the truth will set you free!

    We can’t bend or break free will! Either you choose or you don’t.

    I am not here to make you believe in some spiritual teaching or make belief fairy tales. Living life on other worlds and true spirituality is all about community. Not individualism and removing yourself from others. It’s about getting along with others and keeping your word. A man is only as good as his word! Isn’t he?

    It’s about extending your hand out to those in need. There are no “Belief systems” on the Pleiades except for understanding Vibration and Frequency.  The law of One.. We are all One!

    Worshiping Angels and believing in the Ashtar Command is a new prison you are getting into. Soon to become trapped in your own mind and closing all of its exit doors.

    I am Jhe’shua’s friend and I am not forcing anyone to believe anything. I am just telling you like it is. He is human just like you and he has overcome death itself. I teach what he teaches. He came here from the Pleiades and he is about to bring us back home. Plain and simple! It is not about believing anything. It is about being able to get along with others. Your BS has to stay behind… Don’t bring it with you.

    The ships are coming in the next few weeks to up to 2 months, so be ready.


    – Commander A’ndassi


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