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    The secret to the universe!!! ☺


    No longer a secret!!!

    Yes.. here it is… Scientists should not be looking for a so called “God Particle” because all particles are made of two things that are “unseen” but measurable! 1) Frequency and 2) Vibration. When you raise vibration and frequency together high enough, they create photons or “the illusion of light” and higher yet it creates “Quarks” these “Quarks” create all matter! So, all things are the direct result of vibration and frequency and all matter in and throughout the universe was created through light! A star or sun is the highest vibration and frequency in the known universe. Whereas a black hole is the lowest vibration and frequency known. A star has a negative core (Black hole with a positive chromosphere). All beings have a soul or (Light Body) this light body is a direct connection to the vibration and frequency of the world that exists between the pulses of the atoms. This light being animates our physical bodies and powers the Mitochondria to all of our living cells.





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    I am not against anyone who chooses to charge a fee or seek donations in exchange for readings or energy work.

    In fact for many, it is their only form of income.