Thank you!

Thank you very much for your generosity and warm hearts! Much love! Kah-Len


Joyce Love Orphanage

I have been doing my best to help the Joyce Love Orphanage in Uganda.

I began this journey with giving them my Christmas bonus plus a little extra.
I could not send much but this is on my heart. I am on disability with a fixed income.
However, they need more food and desperately need supplies as well. I appreciate anything you can spare to help these children with their very basic necessities to live. This is difficult times for everyone, but helping these children and seeing their smiles has been the best birthday gift I could receive!
I don’t know what else to do, I know that I can’t stop and abandon them now. I brought them hope, and now I ask you to help me continue this mission. I have also included a drop down section with the donation button if you would also like to send a donation to my cause as well. I am working on a number of causes around the world to help in many areas including technology to support people escaping persecution.

If you can spare anything, I truly appreciate it!

Thank you,

Paul Halonen

Note: Paul is my documented “legal name” and Kah-Len is my undocumented Sovereign name.

Please us the button below for the Joyce Love Orphanage.