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I Paul Halonen (Aka: Kah-Len), am now in the process of registering this new Political Party of Canada called A'tlaisa (Atlantis in English) Council of Canada! 

If there are any Canadians here interested in joining me in this next Federal Election, please contact me here! 

Thank you! 

A'tlaisia Council of Canada!

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your generosity and warm hearts! Much love! Kah-Len

A’tlaisa Council of Canada: Federal Political Party For Freedom!

Dear Fellow Canadians!

      My name is Paul Edward Halonen. I am a full time Author, and radio host who teaches about spirituality, meditation and the human condition.
I was Born in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario on January 12th, 1967. My Father was born in Petsimo Finland with Europe’s only Indigenous people called the Sami who follow the reindeer herds.
      At 6 years old he was taken from his parents and sent by train to Sweden to live in foster care, as all of the people were driven off their land during the war with Russia. My Grandparents were forced to leave their land and to this day the Sami suffer in the same way our indigenous people of Canada suffer! So I too have a connection and a disconnection of my own roots and share in their pain! It is not just the racial discrimination and the scars of yesterday they suffer from, but the land that they live on is continued to be poisoned and this is spilling over to all walks of life and our leaders have stopped listening to their warnings and never wanted to hear about their solutions. This must stop!
      I have lived my life listening and learning about the human condition and am in the process of writing my book called The Truth! It is not completed yet, but this message isn’t about my book. This message is much deeper than my book because this message is about me stepping up to the plate and making this country the country that will unite. Last year before the election, I began writing out my ideas of how I can help Canadians by putting my hat into the ring to become the next Prime Minister of Canada who actually has solutions that can not only save our country, but would create a massive wave of freedom that could engulf the entire globe in a wave of freedom for everyone and not just Canada!
      Why? Because I know the truth that will set people’s minds, hearts and spirits free once and for all! This must however start with you acknowledging that we all need to unite on a common ground. Our survival and the very fact that we are all living and all life must be valued! We all need to be equally valued because we are all alive!
      First off, I need your help to making this a possibility by having 3 officers, 1 Auditor and 250 Electors in order to register and place this political party on the ballot.
      I deeply believe with my whole heart that the biggest problem in the world is that the very foundation of the universe is built on truth. I believe that the highest vibration and frequency of the universe is not love, but truth and love is the protector of truth and innocence is the only thing that can be the closest to truth. The name of my book is called The Truth, because I have a very deep understanding of how this works within spirit, mind and body! So I can say that I can help all Canadians because I always do what is right and not always do what I want because I never want to go against the truth! I have turned down great opportunities in the past because my conscience is more important to me than all the gold in the world.
      If I would have gone against my own conscience, I would be trying to drink myself to sleep every night or possibly be suicidal; because I am extremely sensitive to my own inner voice that knows the difference between what is right and what is wrong! To me this is the true voice of God if you were to believe that such a God exists. I notice that life for me flows in divine synchronicity when I live my life being truthful and authentic with one another. I believe our words are extremely powerful and that the universe itself holds us all accountable whether we meant it or not.
      I believe true Karma is about having to fulfill all of our broken promises we ever made! So, to me truth is not being all knowing but it is however always living truthful and being human enough to admit being wrong when you know you are wrong. I have done a lot of stupid things in my life and I admit all of it in my book. But I do know how to keep my head high and my chest out as my dad would say when I had to go to school and face my bullies! My dad was proud of me because of my honesty. I was proud of him because he never tried to bend or break my free will or try to make me live a life I didn’t want to live.
      If you vote for me, this will be my proposal to not only unite the country, but to also help the country get back on its feet financially and will also be positive for the health of our people. I plan to supply everyone with high quality hemp seeds who own even a small portion of land to grow it on their property. A full crop of hemp takes 7 weeks. A 7 acre field planted once per week could produce a steady weekly crop of hemp. We will hire workers to come and help you grow and also teach you. We will together produce the hemp and this will also pay you and help save your farms etc… a portion of this hemp will go to fertilize your crops, feed your livestock and feed you as well because it can be cooked and eaten like spinach giving you much needed CBD.
      The hemp that we gather, will be sent to the oil and gas processing plants in Canada and will be turned into healthy fuel for cars and trucks and biodegradable plastics. If you have plastic made from hemp, within 80 days of burying it, it would disintegrate and become fertilizer.
      By having hemp grow everywhere, we will reduce much of the toxic chemicals and CO2 out of our atmosphere without having to tax Canadians and spend money to enforce heavy fines on industry. Instead this will actually feed Canadians and will change industry to use lower cost resources and more organic and healthy materials. Our focus for industry on the future will be for healthier alternatives.
      This hemp will also be used to build all of our roads, bridges and infrastructure and the Canadian people will learn new ways to grow, cultivate and thrive as I will be looking at paying each and every Canadian to go to school. College and universities will be paying students and a council of parents will choose the curriculum.
      The new board of education will be overseen by those councils of parents and the First Nations people will have an open seat on every council! The new system of Government and laws will abandon the bureaucracies of licensing for fishing, hunting, driver’s licenses etc. However, there will be “paid education” to instruct hunters, fishing, outdoor sports etc. to make people more aware of their environment and become more responsible with all life.
      We will also allow for undocumented Canadians to remain undocumented Sovereign citizens. Everyone will have access to water, plumbing and power without discrimination. The council of Canada will protect, instruct and suggest but not dictate! This will be a shared and joint agreement and not ownership between government or anyone. I will give power back to the people of Canada who desire to live in peace and harmony on this land. I will not tolerate those who try to go against the free will of Canadians and those people in Government such as Trudeau will be held accountable and their past actions. From what I have gathered so far, he most likely has committed treason.
      What I am asking right now, is for those of you interested in joining this political party and campaign to please help me get this registered. I need an auditor and three officers along with 250 electors in order to register A’tlaisa Council of Canada with Elections Canada (A’tlaisa means Atlantis). I cannot ask for donations for this political party while it is not registered. I am on disability with spinal stenosis and I live in Langley, BC. I am unable to travel anywhere at this time since my car is in need of servicing.
Please email me for information and I will do my best to get back to you!
My new phone arrives next week, so for now email is the best.
Thank you!
Paul Halonen

Please make sure to leave your full name and contact details to paulhalonen@gmail.com

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