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The Sun/Star Meditation

First watch this video on how a star is formed out of a molecular cloud. This can help with the visualization.. The focus needs to be on a “real” star or sun at your center, near your heart chakra! Focusing on a real star or sun creates the intention necessary to provide all of the building blocks of life. All of the elements that make up our physical bodies come directly from the stars, so this is the most important and the most basic way you can heal yourself and eventually shift into the next dimension (Body and Soul!). This must be done approximately 1/2 or 1 hour in the morning when you wake and 1/2 hour in the evening before bed. The longer you can last in the morning is better but it is up to you how long. Don’t expect immediate results as it works its way throughout your body on a molecular level and is gradual. You will notice the physical changes within 8 to 12 months and in the second year you will be completely healed inside out with reversal of aging. Whatever age you choose, because this meditation works outside the illusion where it finds the frequency of your youth.

What this meditation does is it creates quarks.. quarks are made up of 2 things.. 1) frequency and 2) vibration.. These are things that live outside the illusion where you are a creator! When frequency and vibration become excited they create the illusion of light and or sound. These things feed the mitochondria to the cells in your body supercharging them and will heal you and reverse your aging. You can do this meditation on your pet focusing on the star at their center as well as your loved ones who can’t do this for themselves. But remember it takes time and commitment. It won’t happen over night but it will happen!!!

The idea is to raise your frequency and vibration high enough to absorb the black whole so all of your being is filled with more positive quarks than negative ones. This is the secret to ascension with body, mind and soul without having to die first. Die to your ego and let go of your anchors that weigh you down. These are the negative anchors of hate, greed, jealousy, selfishness and bitterness. Let them go!

So, the meditation is this…

First sit down or lay down however you feel most comfortable. Sitting is better if you can, but laying for some is the only way to feel comfortable. It was hard for me to remain sitting before I had my surgery so I had been doing this laying down.

Make sure you are feeling relaxed and take up to three or five deep breaths and count to 5 before releasing each breath. Focus on the sound of your breath and then when you are breathing normal and relaxed, begin to focus on your heartbeat. Become aware of your body and accept whatever aches, pains and thoughts you may have and say to your soul and body “I apologize for judging you!”, “I love you and I now release your aches, pains and thoughts to the universe!”

Remain calm for approximately for 2 minutes..

Now, Focus on observing a star growing at your center.

As you focus, notice the heat and size of this star… breathing in it becomes larger, and breathing out it becomes hotter and hotter it soon begins to fill your whole being in size. Once it is larger than you in size, begin to imagine your most healthy part of your childhood where you felt your best. If you had a rough childhood, create a new one where you are meeting your favorite pet and playing in the yard or in nature. Imagine your favorite toy or if you don’t want to go that far back, then imagine your youth. Your first love or your favorite day. Stay in that moment and let it build within you. Create the frequency of that time through the love and memories you had in that moment.

Keep the feelings of the star at your center and the feeling of your youth.

Do this 2x daily and try to be disciplined in doing so because meditation is important to feed your soul. Remember that this is gradual and not to expect immediate results. Healing takes time.. the first thing you will notice with this is your emotional healing will happen first and it is a wonderful feeling to truly feel happy!!!

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