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    All Audio Recordings:

    Part 1: Sunday April 23rd. (My Story)
    My first radio show with Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio.

    I first want to apologize for some of the inconsistencies in this first interview. I was mistaken here on the name of Jeshuah calling him Jmmanuel. Prior to the 3rd radio show that connected me to my mother, I was somewhat in the dark and although I have had the visions and prophesies of meeting Jeshuah, back then I called him by the name everyone called him and then I was misguided through the Billy Meier’s contact notes calling him Jmmanuel. I do not follow Billy Meier as I have found much of it to be disinformation and question if his contact Ptah is really an impostor. These are questions I have for Ptah himself or A’drieiuous. After speaking with my mother, I began to see the big picture and most of the blanks of my memories have been filled in. It has truly been a real challenge trying to figure out this life in this body.. I am still decompressing and healing so to speak. But I am alive and moving forward in the direction I am supposed to go.

    Also I want to apologize for saying Arcturus is 100x larger than the earth… I really meant 100x larger than our sun.

    What I was saying when I lost the internet connection part way through, was about my home on Enderon-3 in the Alpha Bootes system. Our home was part animal and part plant.. bio-organic. We create an electro-magnetic field in the shape we want the home and then we grow it within that magnetic field. The magnetic field remains strong enough for protection until the home is fully grown. Many ships are made this way as well.


    Part 2: Sunday April 23rd.  With Kah-Len, Jay Pee and Martin Wizard


    Thursday Apr 27, 2017 @ 1:00 PST  The Galactic Round Table:
    With Jessica, Viking, Conrad, Chris Jacobs and Special Guest Kah-Len Nezu

    Today through Jessica I received a message from my Arcturian Mother.


    Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu
    2017-04-30 Sunday April 30th Listen Live @ 11:00 – 1:00 PST


    Part 2: The Round Table
    2017-04-30 WSR RT Kah-Len Nezu, Christine, Charlie Marie and Karen Beativa


    Interstellar Round Table
    2017-05-11  With Jessica, Viking, Conrad and Special Guest Kah-Len Nezu


    Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu
    2017-05-28 Open Mind with Kah-Len Nezu and Tolec


    06/08/2017 Interstellar Round Table
    2017 06 08 Viking Jessica Conrad Kah Len Chloe Hudson


    Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu
    2017-06-25  13 month Kah-LenDar Project for the “Now Age”    Click –> Here for the Kah-LenDar Project info!


    Simon Says Roundtable
    2017-07-02 SS Simon Says Roundtable Martin Beativa Kah-Len Nezu

    Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu
    2017-07-23 Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu & Martin Snakegamer QA


    Simon Says Roundtable
    2017-08-20 SS Simon-Says Karen Martin Kah-len StoneHobbit Ken Beativa


    Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu
    2017-08-27 Open Mind Kah-Len_Nezu Capt Max Steel


    Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu
    2017-09-24 Open Mind With Kah-Len Nezu & Martin Snakegamer QA


    2018-01-28 OM Kah-len “The Event” & Readings


    2018-03-25 OM Kah-Len Nezu with Martin Snakegamer


    Latest:  2018-04-22 OM Kah-Len Nezu with Martin Snakegamer